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Special Chandeliers:

Alabaster Chandeliers

Category: Ceiling Lights


Chandelier Rust Brown-Champagne Alabaster
Diameter 50
Height 30
lights 3 Max.40W

900,00 £ (GBP)

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Special Chandelier:

Foyer chandelier

This unique alabaster chandelier is manufactured in Spain by expert handcrafters. All the manufacturing process it is hand  made as sons learned from fathers during generations.

All the alabaster chandeliers are made using our original moulds, designed and produced by us. All the chandelier metal parts have been obtained in the sand casting foundry. This is the original way to obtain the best quality material to manufacture chandeliers.

The alabaster used in this chandelier is a rock in the family of the marbles, but much softer. His appearance includes clouts and veins and that is how is taken out of  the mines .We can only modify the shape. Is not recommendable, to use bulbs with high intensity because Alabaster has water in his soul and if gets dry the rock will turn into white powder. Alabaster is beautiful and attractive because represents a natural material Made by Mother Nature.

This chandelier it is finished in Rust Brown , and varnished to protect the metal  finish. All the components of the chandelier are polished by hand with brushes to remove scratches and imperfections that may have the metal. Then the pieces are introduced into the Rust Brown bath to acquire their final color. In order that the finish it is unaffected by the passage of time and the weather attacks ,all the parts are protected with lacquer and dried at 150 ° C.

All our crystal chandeliers come with a 10 years warranty against tarnishing and factory defects.

Due to constant improvements in design of certain components of the crystal chandelier may vary from the picture shown above.

This crystal chandelier can be manufactured in different sizes and finishes according to your specifications, to do so we recommend you to talk to one of our Agents.

We are manufactured of chandeliers and we are located in Valencia. Hand made in Spain.



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Offices and factory: C. Virazon, 84D. Polígono Industrial Los Vientos, 46019 - Náquera, Valencia, Spain.
The sizes indicated do not include the chain and the canopy. All our chandeliers are proudly made in Spain.