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Special Chandeliers:

Chandelier Manufacturer

Bronze Foundry


These are the three premises that motivate DECORATIVE CHANDELIER to create our chandeliers.

Our company is dedicated since 1968 to manufacture high quality chandeliers in traditional style.
We are manufacturers and for that reason we are able to manufacture custom made chandeliers of any style.

Chandelier factory

Company Founded in 1968

In the present site you will find expressed the fruit of 40 years of experience in the chandeliers production.

In each one of the collections the spirit of a family reflects itself compromised with the creation of chandeliers in which dedication and experience come together.

crystal bronze alabaster


Our chandeliers are manufactured in an artisian way gathering therefore the European tradition which has been transmited throught centuries from masters to apprentices.
We are complelled to use noble materials such as Bronze, Alabaster, Blown glass or lead crystal.

We hope that you will find our chandeliers in harmony with current tendencies, maintaining the purest essence of the European Style.

Service, Design and Quality

are for Decorative Chandelier the four reasons of his existence.

We are so proud and sure of our Lighting Fixtures that we defend that difference giving all of them their identification label: "Manufactured in Valencia - Spain".

We appreciate your attention, and we hope we can demonstrate to you in the near future our philosophy.

Decorative Chandelier.

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Decorative Chandelier, Crystal chandeliers. Phone (+34) 696 939 852. E-mail:
Offices and factory: C. Virazon, 84D. Polígono Industrial Los Vientos, 46019 - Náquera, Valencia, Spain.
The sizes indicated do not include the chain and the canopy. All our chandeliers are proudly made in Spain.