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Special Chandeliers:

Crystal chandelier

Category: Bronze and Crystal Chandeliers


Chandelier Venice Silver
Diameter 66 cm
Height 64 cm
lights 6 Max.60W

1789,00 £ (GBP)

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Special Chandelier:



Crystal chandeliers


Pendant Light

Chandelier manufactured in Spain by expert craftsmen. The entire manufacturing process is done by hand with the same processes 100 years ago.

All our crystal chandeliers are made using our original molds, designed and produced by us . All the components of the lamp are made of cast brass . The brass is the best quality material for the manufacture of chandeliers.

This crystal chandelier is finished in Venice Silver, and varnished to protect finish. All the components of the chandelier are polished by hand with brushes to remove scratches and imperfections that may have the metal. Subsequently the pieces are introduced into the bath of tin oxide to a color aged.

Then the pieces are decorated with silver and gold. In this way the chandelier acquires an antique effect, but also in line with current design trends. In order that the finish remains unaffected by the passage of time and weather attacks, the pieces are varnished with lacquer and dried at 150 ° C.

The crystal chandelier is dressed with crystal with a content of Lead 30 % this type of crystal is carved with meticulous precision and polished so high-tech procedures that give a like diamonds which when crossed by the light , get a colorful spectacular. This crystal is brand ASFOUR the largest manufacturer of crystal parts of the world.

All our crystal chandeliers come with a 10 year warranty against defects in manufacture or finishing. Due to constant improvements in design, certain components may vary from the photo.

This crystal chandelier can be manufactured in different sizes and different finishes to photography for which we recommend consulting with our agents.


Its structure is ideal for this chandelier over a dining table that has a high ceiling or a narrow entrance.


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The sizes indicated do not include the chain and the canopy. All our chandeliers are proudly made in Spain.