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Special Chandeliers:

Crystal Chandelier LBD0006.12

Category: Crystal Chandeliers


Old Silver
Diameter 80 cm
Height 120 cm
lights 12 Max.60W

3828,00 £ (GBP)

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Special Chandelier:

Crystal chandelier


Custom made crystal chandelier for one of our clients.

The chandelier is specially designed for diningroom.

The metal is silver plated and then aged in the same silver oxide.

This gives the crystal chandelier a contemporary look but the original design is classic.

The ceiling chandelier is dressed with almost 200 balls 40 mm lead crystal 30%. These balls are fully faceted, which makes a beautiful effect of light refraction.

This chandelier was designed by our client and decorator. Initially the basic idea was taken as our model LBD0006.8. By changing the metal finish, and the height the resutl has  been spectacular.

This is an example of how we are able to interpret the ideas and needs of our clients to create conversation pieces.



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